Monday, December 31, 2012

FLDS Prepare For End Of World TONIGHT!

Followers of cult leader, Warren Jeffs, who is behind bars for sexually assaulting young girls, are reportedly preparing for the end of the world tomorrow (12-31-2012), after their former leader warned of Armageddon before midnight.

Grandma comes back from the dead twice! Even spending 3 days in the morgue and minutes before the autopsy!

On two separate occasions, retired cook Lyudmila Steblitskaya has returned from the dead, once minutes before she was to be cut open for an autopsy.

This New Year the 61 year old grandmother is again in hospital for heart surgery, hoping there will be no more dramas. Recently she and daughter Anastasia Steblitskaya, 29, spoke in detail for the first time about the incredible and shocking experience of how Lyudmila woke on a Monday morning after a weekend in a morgue.

Pastor Claims Stroking Horses Can 'Cure' Homosexuality

 inZnews: Come on now...

The idea that a gay person can be "cured" of his or her homosexuality is not a new one. For centuries doctors, therapists and religious figures have tried a wide variety of techniques -- from praying to surgery to exorcism -- to "convert" men and women "suffering" from same-sex attractions.

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