Sunday, February 17, 2013

Irish emigrants create a stir in Perth as fist fight goes viral

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A video has emerged which shows a group of Irish men and one woman fist fighting during a night out in Perth.

Family photo taken by Apollo 16 astronaut Charles Duke discovered on Moon’s surface

The next time you’re walking on the Moon don’t be surprised if you come across a family photo, after a snap was revealed to have been left there by the youngest man ever to make the trip.

Apollo 16 pilot Charles Duke put the picture in a plastic folder and dropped it on the surface when he traveled there in 1972.

Scientists support breaking wind on the airplane

A new study says that flatulent fliers should release during flights because holding it in causes bloating, indigestion and heartburn. Charcoal is a remedy to combat the odor.

Afraid of passing gas in the cramped quarters of a plane? A new research study suggest the real damage comes from keeping it in.

To break wind or not to break wind, that is the question. The answer? Let it rip!