Tuesday, January 22, 2013

University Of Toronto Hosted A Student "Orgy"

It’s being billed online as an epic student sex club adventure — and in other corners of the web, a student orgy.

‘Adventurous’ Woman Needed as Surrogate for Neanderthal Baby

Are you an adventurous human woman? Adventurous enough to be a surrogate mother for the first Neanderthal baby to be born in 30,000 years?

Man Cracks Open Huge Egg For Matryoshka-ish Surprise

Sean Wilson thought he was the proud owner of what might possibly be the world's biggest chicken egg — a half-pound freak of nature affectionately dubbed "the beast."

Blind Sea Lion Pup Gets A New Home

Looks like the president's new gun control measures didn't come soon enough for Cruz, the blind California sea lion pup that lost his eyesight to gunshot wounds.

Marijuana Vending Machines?

We've heard about the caviar vending machine. And the cupcake vending machine. But nothing blows our mind like the pot vending machine.