Monday, March 18, 2013

Donor livers kept alive outside the body for 24 hours

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Donated livers can survive for at least a day outside the body thanks to a new device which keeps the organ ticking over as if it hadn't been removed. The machine is likely to more than double the availability of livers for transplant.

Salford ‘superhero’ hangs up cape after being punched in face in Manchester

A self-styled superhero that patrolled the streets of Salford, Great Manchester, has decided to hang up his suit after being punched in the face repeatedly by a group of thugs.

US weatherman tricked into on-air gaffe by Bart Simpson-esque trick

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A US weatherman is probably still wondering how he could have fallen for one of the oldest pranks in the book after he was tricked into saying the name ‘Hugh Janus’ live on TV.

Extreme cyclist bounces to top of skyscraper

Most people would take the express lift to reach the top of a skyscraper. Not Krystian Herba. He took the stairs – all 2,754 of them.

Human Statue Comes Alive with Fists of Fury

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A disrespectful douche causing trouble on Cavill Avenue in Surfers Paradise learns two invaluable lessons for the price of one: Don't be a dick; and living statues are not actual statues.

Oregon Girl Scout Troop Left With 6,000 Boxes of Cookies from Hoax Order

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Two Oregon Girl Scout troops say they were hoaxed into believing they had made a huge corporate cookie sale for $24,000, or 6,000 boxes of cookies.

Inmate who escaped Canadian prison in helicopter caught

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Canadian police arrested three people Sunday in connection with a daring helicopter escape from a Quebec prison.