Monday, January 28, 2013

Mother Forcing Toddler to Get a Tattoo

Unable to see video? CLICK HERE

A highly alarming video that surfaced online over the weekend has the entire Internet seething with rage.

In the video, a crying toddler can be seen being held in place by a woman alleged to be his mother while a tattoo artist inks the child's arm.

Despite managing to rile nearly everyone who views it, the footage lacks a significant amount of context.

According to a number of unreliable sources, the video was filmed in Havana, Cuba, and the child being tattooed is three years old.

A Dominican news site claims the video originated on Facebook, and the people involved are followers of the infamous Growing In Grace International Ministry.

The child is allegedly being branded with the mark of the cult: 666.

Whatever the background, many are in agreement that tattooing a child that young constitutes child abuse irrespective of culture.


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