Wednesday, February 20, 2013

TSA harasses three-year-old in a wheelchair

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By now, it is becoming clear that TSA screeners know that recording is allowed at security checkpoints in airports, they just choose to tell passengers that it is not allowed with the hope that the passenger will not know any better.

Rat Robot Beats on Live Rats to Make Them Depressed

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One of the two rats in the above picture isn't really a rat. One of the two rats in the above picture is, in fact, a robot. Look closely and you can just barely figure it out. Meanwhile, the rat that isn't a robot is seriously depressed, because that's what this robot specializes in: rat depression.

The Science of Mosh Pits

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Parents may never understand their rock 'n' roll loving children, but scientists might. A study published online in arXiv this week seeks to explain the "mosh pit"—using physics.

Girls Best Friend? $50M Diamond Heist at Brussels Airport

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Brussels Airport authorities said has confirmed that at 19.47 on Monday, a ?gang of robbers managed to break through a fence at the airport with two cars and stole diamonds worth an estimated US$50 million, according to a spokesperson for the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC).

People in Harlem Don't Like the Harlem Shake Meme

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Anyone with eyes and a memory that goes back at least to the early '00s advent of Bad Boy Records knows that the meme or whatever it is of people convulsing arhythmically that is currently masquerading as the "Harlem Shake" is not the Harlem Shake.

WHAT? A Pencil Sharpener-Like Gadget That Turns Any Object Into A Dildo

Just in time for the Day After Valentine's Day comes this: A pencil sharpener-like device that transforms any long, cylindrical object into a dildo.

Francesco Morackini, the device's creator, calls his dildo-making gadget "the Dildomaker." On his Cargo Collective website, Morackini lists as his inspirationthe original hand-cranked Loewy pencil sharpenerthat might be familiar to you from your school days. You know the one: That old-fashioned sharpener mounted on the wall whose crank you would turn in order to shave your pencil to a sharp point?

Morackini's dildomaker is just like that, but instead of sharpened pencils, the dildomaker churns out homemade dildos:

Now, before you get too excited and run out to Trader Joe's, you should know that the Dildomaker is at this point nothing but a concept, nor is there any indication that the innovative device is going into production any time soon. Right now it appears that the Dildomaker is but a beautiful exercise in creativity and graphic design.

We've reached out to Morackini in Austria to find out if he has any plans to release a Dildomaker, or if he's built a prototype. We'll update this story when we learn more; for now, however, you can bask in the world of possibilities that the Dildomaker foretells, and the Brave New World of homemade pleasure devices that we may soon find ourselves living in.

Read (and see) more at Morackini's Cargo Collective.


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