Wednesday, February 20, 2013

People in Harlem Don't Like the Harlem Shake Meme

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Anyone with eyes and a memory that goes back at least to the early '00s advent of Bad Boy Records knows that the meme or whatever it is of people convulsing arhythmically that is currently masquerading as the "Harlem Shake" is not the Harlem Shake.

A filmmaker named Chris McGuire took to Harlem for man-on-the-street reactions and what starts as a jokey sort of montage gains intensity for the impassioned anti-appropriation sentiment the nu-Shake provokes. "It's not no dance, it's really a lifestyle," says one guy. "It's actually an art form, a dance art form that doesn't have the respect it deserves," says another. "Injustice," says yet another.

Fuck the dude who says, "He's humpin' his man — that's no good," though.

inZnews' thoughts: Get over it, Harlem! Look at as free publicity. Then again, I'm just jealous that I can't do it.


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