Friday, January 25, 2013

Divers Rescue Dolphin After It 'Asks' For Help

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An amazing dolphin rescue was captured on video by a group a divers after the animal approached them for help.

On Jan. 11, a group of divers in the waters of Kona, Hawaii, saw a bottlenose dolphin swim into the dive area, Yahoo! News U.K. notes.

The New York Police Department’s Gun Detecting Machine Could Put an End to ‘Stop and Frisk’

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Now that the New York Police Department is not allowed to stop and frisk every brown person on the street, Commissioner Kelly's going to have to find a new way to invade the privacy of New York's citizens. Luckily, the man beloved by three of four New Yorkers works fast: yesterday at the Waldorf-Astoria, Kelly announced the T-Ray machine, which can detect a gun underneath your clothing from 30 feet away.

Real-life Star Trek tractor beam created by scientists

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Scientists in Scotland and the Czech Republic say they have demonstrated the first true “tractor beam”, a step towards realisation of a technology that has played a starring role in science fiction dramas from Star Trek to Star Wars.

The announcement, made in a letter to the journal Nature Photonics, highlights an ability to use beams of light to manipulate physical objects – but also the gulf between space fantasy and earthbound reality.

Plant in bottle keeps on going for 40 years without being watered

The gardener buried four ­seedlings in a huge jar in 1960 and one is still flourishing – even though it hasn’t been watered in 40 years

He’s been bottling it up for ages, but here’s gardener David Latimer with the astonishing results of a plant experiment started nearly 53 years ago…

French Haunted House Auctioned Off on eBay for Just Over $1

A listing on the French version of eBay recently went viral after being picked up by major news outlets. Apparently, someone is selling a haunted house in Arbresle, Rhône-Alpes region, for just 1 euro.