Sunday, January 6, 2013

Armed hate crime victim decides not to shoot attacker

LUTZ — Cameron Mohammed stood there in the Walmart parking lot, blood spouting from his head and his neck, his hand on his gun, while he watched the man who had just shot him dash into the night.

The opportunities for self defense or vengeance were plenty. He could have pulled out the .45-caliber Taurus pistol right then and put a bullet in his assailant. He could have done so when Daniel Quinnell craned his gun at point-blank range and squeezed the trigger for the first of 20 times. Or even before the attack, when deputies say Quinnell approached Mohammed and his girlfriend from behind, yelling racial epithets. Any of those instances would have been defensible in court.

Twins Arrested After Fight Over Sex With Shared Girlfriend

Aric Hale (L) and Sean Hale (R) (Manchester Police Department / January 3, 2013)
Manchester, CT- Twin brothers were arrested on New Year's Eve after they fought over whose turn it was to have sex with the girlfriend they shared, police said Thursday.

Aric Ryan Hale and Sean Peter Hale, both 28, have an open dating relationship with a 27-year-old woman, according to police.

Doctor tackles world’s hottest curry — but hallucinates

A DOCTOR has become the first person to finish the world’s hottest curry - despite suffering HALLUCINATIONS midway through his meal.

Ian Rothwell, 55, took over an hour to polish off “The Widower” – which tops a whopping six million units on the scoville scale.

The curry is so dangerous to make it has to be prepared by chefs wearing goggles and a face mask.