Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lost phones keep being tracked to house in Vegas

You think losing your cell phone is frustrating? How about being the guy everyone thinks has it?

That's the reality for a man in North Las Vegas, all because of one big GPS mix-up.

News 3's Mackenzie Warren has the story on his unique problem.

Puppy's Life Saved By Vodka

A puppy that almost died from ingesting anti-freeze is alive and barking thanks to a treatment that was a treat: vodka.

The puppy, an American Staffordshire named Cleo, licked radiator fluid off spare car parts in a garage in Truganina, Australia, last week. Within 30 minutes, Cleo was swaying on her feet, rejecting food and at risk of kidney failure, according to

Program developer OUTSOURCED his JOB to China to goof off at work

"Bob's" frequent video choice

A security audit of a US critical infrastructure company last year revealed that its star developer had outsourced his own job to a Chinese subcontractor and was spending all his work time playing around on the internet.

The firm's telecommunications supplier Verizon was called in after the company set up a basic VPN system with two-factor authentication so staff could work at home. The VPN traffic logs showed a regular series of logins to the company's main server from Shenyang, China, using the credentials of the firm's top programmer, "Bob".

Oxygen halts development of 'All My Babies' Mamas' reality TV show

Author Sabrina Lamb was looking forward to kicking off her New Year with a bottle of champagne and a quiet walk on the beach. Instead, on the first day of January she was greeted with a video link from a friend of a brand-new reality show that sent chills down her spine.

Scroll down for video

The video was for All My Babies’ Mamas, a new show developed by Oxygen Media featuring rapper Shawty Lo, his 11 kids, and 10 different mothers.

“My blood curdled just thinking about it,’’ Lamb told The Daily Beast.