Thursday, January 24, 2013

Baby escapes death after being thrown in front of truck

A one-year-old girl has had a miraculous escape after being flung from the wreckage of a car during a high-speed accident in Russia and landing in the path of an oncoming truck.

Brave Teen Comes Out to Entire School After Receiving Award for Class Actor

After accepting his award for "Class Actor," a high school senior from Parsippany, New Jersey, bravely pulls back the curtain in front of over 300 students, parents, and faculty members, and reveals that he is gay.

Naked Intruder, Pooped And Masturbated In Florida Mans Home

Gregory Matthew Bruni
In Florida, there are violent people, naked people, poopers and masturbators -- but rarely is one man the total package.

When Tony and LaDonna Land discovered naked carnival worker Gregory Matthew Bruni on their roof, the night had just begun. Bruni, 21, allegedly assaulted Tony Land, trashed the couple's North Fort Myers Home, and then defecated and masturbated inside the house, WTSP reports.

Man who lost nose to cancer will grow a new one on his arm

Scientists are helping a man grow a new nose, according to reports.

Experts at University College London are using the man's bone marrow cells to help him replace the nose he lost to cancer.