Friday, March 1, 2013

'Fight Club' At High School In Victorville, California

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Video footage has emerged of what looks like a real-life fight club.

The video shows two young students boxing with gloves, but without protective gear, while other students cheer and record them on cell phones in a locker room, CBS reports. The boys are on the junior varsity baseball team at Victory Valley High School in Victorville, Calif.

M.I.T. Computer Program Reveals Invisible Motion in Video

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A 30-second video of a newborn baby shows the infant silently snoozing in its crib, his breathing barely perceptible. But when the video is run through an algorithm that can amplify both movement and color, the baby’s face blinks crimson with each tiny heartbeat.

Solving a Rubik’s Cube While Juggling Is Nothing for the Most Interesting Nerd in the World

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World Cube Association member Ravi Fernando holds the world record for fastest speedsolving of a Rubik's cube while juggling.

Giant, 42,000 Pound Ketchup Spill Creates Massive Traffic Jam in Nevada

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Traffic piled up outside of Reno, Nevada early Thursday afternoon after a tractor trailer carrying over 42,000 pounds of ketchup crashed, spilling the condiment across a highway. 

Professional BASE Jumper, Skydives With Patio Umbrella

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A video has surfaced online of one man jumping from a hot air balloon, hoping to float down in a nanny-like, graceful manner -- using a patio umbrella.