Friday, March 1, 2013

Giant, 42,000 Pound Ketchup Spill Creates Massive Traffic Jam in Nevada

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Traffic piled up outside of Reno, Nevada early Thursday afternoon after a tractor trailer carrying over 42,000 pounds of ketchup crashed, spilling the condiment across a highway. 

The accident occurred after the truck swerved to avoid a car, causing it to veer into a light pole and then into the underpass of a bridge, ripping open the cargo area. There were no injuries, though; just literally tons of ketchup.

"I have red everywhere on the highway," said Sgt. Janay Sherven with the Nevada Highway Patrol. "No bodies, no people, just ketchup."

‘"The scene looks pretty bad as far as color goes," Sherven said.

Quick thinking transportation authorities used snowplows to clean up the mess (instead of, as the Associated Press suggested, fries). But bad news if you were hoping to buy some of the ketchup at a discount:

Health officials also will declare the spilled ketchup a loss so it can be taken to the dump.


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