Monday, March 4, 2013

Proposal Horror Story: Cops, Machine Guns, Lost Ring

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Ryan Houston's meticulously planned wedding proposal included a private sunset dinner on the pier of a Mexican beach and a pre-made list of songs to be played at just the right moment.

inZpast: Texas Mother Kills Son, Eats Brain

Reports have surfaced of a Texas mother named Otty Sanchez, 33, who gruesomely murdered her only child. 

The Dress That Turns Transparent When You’re Aroused

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A social design lab in The Netherlands has managed to solve that age old-problem of how to instantaneously broadcast to everyone that you are sexually aroused - specifically, by creating a dress that becomes transparent the moment it senses an increased heart rate

British university enlists students to take cocaine for clinical trial

King’s College London says the ‘important scientific study’ will investigate how cocaine spreads through the human body. The school claims that recreational users will be kept from participating

Students at a top British university have been asked to snort cocaine.