Monday, February 4, 2013

Man with knives tasered at Buckingham Palace

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Dramatic video footage shows Talhat Rehman, 54, holding the 15cm (6in) blade next to mounted police as ceremonial troops gathered for the Changing of the Guard.

Drunk U.S. serviceman breaks into house, punches child in Okinawa

This was kept pretty quiet...

The tensions between Okinawans and the U.S. Military stationed there are about to get much worse after this latest incident of misbehavior. An unidentified 24 year old service man has been reported to have broken into a home in Yomitan around 1 AM on November 2, 2012 and attacking a boy who lived there. This took place despite the 11 PM to 5 AM curfew imposed on all U.S. troops in Japan after two sailor were arrested for raping a woman on the southern island on October 16th.

Teen Arrested For Impersonating Doctor In Australia

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A 17-year-old Australian boy was arrested on Friday for impersonating a physician at several hospitals in Adelaide, where he allegedly wore fake credentials and prescribed medication.

Atlanta Mall Cop Tasers Woman In Front Of Her Children

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An Atlanta mall manager has become an overnight hero after being identified in a viral video that shows him his business from two raucous women.