Monday, February 4, 2013

Man with knives tasered at Buckingham Palace

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Dramatic video footage shows Talhat Rehman, 54, holding the 15cm (6in) blade next to mounted police as ceremonial troops gathered for the Changing of the Guard.

Mr Rehman took a series of swipes at an officer before he was hit with the stun gun and bundled to the ground.

He was later carried to a van and taken to a central London police station. He has since been charged with possessing a bladed weapon in public and affray and is due to appear at Westminster magistrates’ court later.

Hundreds of tourists watched as Mr Rehman, of Harrow, breached crowd barriers shortly before noon.

Witnesses said the Queen’s Guard played on throughout the incident, with officers telling the public there were ‘mental health issues’ with the bystander.

Josh Greenberg, who captured pictures of the scene, said: ‘Within a few seconds he was surrounded by police horses and officers on foot. Less than two minutes later a car came with officers with tasers.

‘One stood in front of him and the other went around from behind and discharged the taser then the police got him on the floor, kicked the knives away and put him in the back of a van.’

Afterwards, the area in front of the Victoria memorial was cordoned off. Two knives, a pair of Nike trainers, a hat and prayer beads were among the items found at the scene.

Police said the man ‘acted aggressively’ but did not threaten the public directly. The Queen and Prince Philip were at Sandringham in Norfolk at the time.


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