Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Witchcraft 'thriving in the Welsh countryside'

The 2011 census revealed 83 witches and 93 satanists are living in Wales Photo: REX
Rev Felix Aubel claims occult practices in rural Wales have been increasing during the two decades he has been working in the area.

The minister spoke out after latest figures in the 2011 census has revealed 83 witches and 93 satanists are living in Wales.

He said there was an "unusual connection" between Christianity and witchcraft in some chapel circles in Wales.

Dumb Poisoners: A Year-End Appreciation

About a month ago, I read a story about a Florida woman who’d tried to kill her husband by crushing up some of her Trazadone pills and mixing them into his tuna fish sandwich.

Naturally, I was appalled. “What kind of idiot tries to put a bitter medication like Trazadone into a tuna sandwich?” I demanded of my husband. “She had to know he’d taste it right away.”

As he didn’t answer right away, I looked over. He appeared to be sneaking out of the room.

“It didn’t work,” I added reassuringly.

He kept going.

Don’t Report a Home Invasion if You’re Growing 110 Weed Plants in Your Spare Bedroom

A Flagler County man who reported a home invasion was arrested Monday when deputies found more than 100 marijuana plants growing at his house, they said.