Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Horrifying Video Allegedly Shows the Dead in Massacre in Syria

At least 65 people, apparently shot in the head, were found dead with their hands bound in a district of the northern Syrian city of Aleppo on Tuesday, activists said.

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The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which says it provides objective information about casualties on both sides of Syria's war from a network of monitors, said the death toll could rise as high as 80. It was not clear who had carried out the killings.

Porn On Bus: Chilean Employee Accidentally Shows X-Rated Movie To Patrons (NSFW VIDEO)

Hey! That's not "Free Willy!" Not the G-rated version, anyway.

Some riders on a Chilean inter-region bus on the Valparaiso line got a bit of a surprise when an employee apparently showed them a hardcore porn movie by accident.

WARNING: Graphic Video Follows

Bullying Drives Gay Teen to Hang Himself in Schoolyard

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PORTLAND, Ore. – After KATU's coverage of a cluster of seven teen suicides in the town of Battle Ground, the discussion about suicide has branched out to deal with the issue in communities across the area.

Police find their job is done as costumed superheroes arrive from fancy dress party

He’s more used to battling the Joker with Robin by his side, but Batman quelled a mass brawl in a chip shop – with Buzz Lightyear to back him up.

Joseph Stoiber Arrested For Spitting On Sidewalk In Lakeland, Florida

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If you work for a multinational bank, you can help drug lords and terrorist associates launder billions of dollars without worrying about spending a minute in jail. But for one insomniac, the simple act of spitting got him thrown in the slammer.

Iran Finger Cutting Machine Reportedly Debuted (GRAPHIC IMAGES)


A series of graphic photos reportedly depicting the public amputation of a convicted man's fingers in Iran have been released to the public.

Australian honey proves to be a powerful anti-bacterial treatment

A Brisbane-based research group found that Australian native myrtle honey has very high levels of the anti-bacterial compound, Methylglyoxal (MGO), and outperforms all medicinal honeys currently available on the market, including Manuka honeys.