Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Police find their job is done as costumed superheroes arrive from fancy dress party

He’s more used to battling the Joker with Robin by his side, but Batman quelled a mass brawl in a chip shop – with Buzz Lightyear to back him up.

This time the Caped Crusader was not billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne but pub landlord Steve Lowe.

In scenes similar to the classic Only Fools And Horses episode, the 53-year-old was at a fancy dress party in The Horse And Jockey pub when he was called to remove 20 rowdy youths in The Stop Inn chippy next door.

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Mr Lowe, who is 1.87m (6ft 2in) tall and weighs 108kg (17st), swung into action while part-time barman Shane Lee, 30, was outside dressed as the Toy Story favorite.

Batman’s costume, packed with extra ‘muscles’, seemed to disarm his opponents who could hardly believe their eyes.

Mr Lowe said: ‘You can imagine their faces – they probably thought it was a Fools And Horses moment.

‘I’m not a small fella so I looked the part and it was easy as Batman to get them outside. Then I had Buzz Lightyear on the door making sure they didn't get back in.’

No complaints were made to police in Gotham City – also known as Stockport.

Mr Lowe said he later learned the incident was logged along the lines of: ‘Large scale disturbance – a lot involved, but no further action needed… Batman sorted it.’

Greater Manchester police confirmed officers were called to a disturbance, which was resolved when they arrived.

Chip shop boss Aria Nouri, 33, said: ‘The youngsters had been drinking, but nobody thought about throwing a punch at Batman.’


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