Saturday, January 12, 2013

Deaf man stabbed when sign language mistaken for gang signs

BURLINGTON, N.C. -- Police in North Carolina say a deaf man was stabbed several times after his sign language was mistaken for gang signs by another man.

Social Security Administration takes back reprimand of flatulent worker

inZnews posted on this story when it happened. Here is the follow up:

It’s hard to keep a straight face on this one, but it’s worth mentioning as one of the strangest cases of alleged misconduct we've seen.

The Social Security Administration officially reprimanded an employee whom colleagues accused of continuously “passing gas and releasing an unpleasant odor” that created a “hostile work environment.”

After the Smoking Gun posted the reprimand letter online, the agency said it withdrew its disciplinary action against the flatulent worker.

“When senior management became aware of the reprimand it was immediately rescinded,” agency spokeswoman Dorothy J. Clark said in an e-mail to The federal Eye.

Human Butt Pillows: Soineya, Japan's 'Cuddle Club,' Debuts New Service


Customers seeking some tender loving care in Tokyo now have another option to choose from at Japanese cuddle club Soineya: human butt pillows.

For $11 per minute, patrons of the "co-sleeping specialty shop" can ask for the oshiri makura (butt pillow) service and rest their heads on the behinds of its female staff, Rocket News notes.