Thursday, February 14, 2013

Homeless man returns ring accidentally given to him

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KANSAS CITY, MO- A woman trying to help out a homeless man on The Plaza ended up giving away a lot more than a little change. She accidentally gave him her engagement ring, but the twist to the story is what the man did with it.

Sea slugs ‘discard penis after sex and grow a new one’

It seems like an extreme tactic of impressing in the bedroom but some sea slugs cast off their penis after sex, a study has found.

Police Stop Harlem Shake In Times Square

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Filmmakers Michael Sorace and Edward Sturm wanted to take the "Harlem Shake" to the next level. Their idea? Bring the meme to the "center of the world" that is Times Square-- and invite hundreds of people out to join in the fun.

Man Swims In Hotel Lobby Fish Tank

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Some pranks are all wet, such as the one pulled recently in the hotel lobby of theRaddison Blu Hotel in Jersey, U.K.

Remember the 9-Year-Old Mom? She's Not Actually 9

MEXICO CITY -- Authorities in the Mexican state of Jalisco say tests have revealed that a girl who gave birth two weeks ago is between 12 and 13 years of age, not 9 as the parents had claimed.

Police dog bites officer in the crotch

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A youth services officer is back on the job Tuesday after a Palm Bay police dog suddenly bit him in the groin.