Thursday, February 14, 2013

Police Stop Harlem Shake In Times Square

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Scroll down for the finished product

Filmmakers Michael Sorace and Edward Sturm wanted to take the "Harlem Shake" to the next level. Their idea? Bring the meme to the "center of the world" that is Times Square-- and invite hundreds of people out to join in the fun.

After spreading the word through Reddit and social media, some 300 people showed up to Times Square Tuesday, gathering on the TKTS steps and gearing up to go wild for the requisite 15 or so seconds.

The NYPD didn't take too kindly to the large gathering, and kicked them off the steps (maybe cops are tired of the meme too?), at which point Sorace and Sturm moved everyone to a pedestrian area nearby.

They were able to get two takes in, according to Animal NY, before again being shut down by police.

MyBlockNYC was on hand to film the whole operation.

And here's the final product:

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However, this is probably the best version EVAR!

Unable to see video? CLICK HERE


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