Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Teen Finds Fried ‘Brain’ in Box of KFC


A HORRIFIED student has vowed never to eat at KFC again after finding what looked like a chicken's BRAIN in his meal.

Disgusted Ibrahim Langoo was tucking into a Gladiator box meal when he spotted what he thought was a “wrinkled brain” inside a piece of chicken.

Mexican restaurant’s offensive T-shirt

A Mexican restaurant in South Carolina is raising eyebrows for its T-shirts depicting “how to catch an illegal immigrant” — with old-style box traps using tacos as bait.

Taco Cid is located on Charleston Highway in West Columbia. On Sunday, the Free Times’ Corey Hutchins posted a photo of someone who appears to be a Taco Cid employee wearing the offensive shirt. If the shirt’s meaning isn't clear enough, the letters are colored with the red, white and green of the Mexican flag.

Man attacked by bobcat in his garage

BROOKFIELD — The last thing he heard before the bobcat's fangs and claws sank into his flesh was hissing.

Roger D. Mundell Jr. had just stepped into his garage at 9 a.m. Sunday to retrieve some tie-down ratchet straps for a friend waiting in a car outside. At the time, he didn't realize that the other door to the garage had been left open.

He heard the hiss and barely had time to register what it meant.