Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Nurse Ignores 911 Dispatcher’s Heartbreaking Pleas to Perform CPR on Dying Woman

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BAKERSFIELD, CA - The administrator of Bakersfield's Glenwood Gardens confirmed Friday the retirement facility has a policy: Employees do not attempt cardiopulmonary resuscitation on residents of Glenwood's independent living facility. That's why a nurse refused the pleas of a Bakersfield Fire Department dispatcher to begin CPR on a Glenwood resident who collapsed Tuesday morning.

San Francisco Bay Bridge Lights To Shine

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SAN FRANCISCO — For decades the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge has been considered, when it is considered at all, as a headache for commuters and a place not to be in an earthquake.

But that reputation is set to change Tuesday night when the artist Leo Villareal will switch on what is being billed as the world’s largest L.E.D. light sculpture. The public art installation, “The Bay Lights,” will illuminate the bridge’s 1.8-mile western span with 25,000 undulating white lights.

The astonishing suit that lets you 'fly' through the ocean

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It may look like a skydiving wingsuit more appropriate for the air, but this striking outfit is designed for 'flying' underwater.

A Drone Flying Over Brooklyn?

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The idea of drones over New York City have inspired art projects and a rap song. Now they may be a reality too. The FAA is investigating a report from an Alitalia passenger jet of a drone spotting over Brooklyn, as he approached JFK airport in Queens. "We saw a drone, ad drone aircraft," the pilot told controllers.

A Man Slashed in the Face at Rikers Island Sues Correction Officer for Uploading Photo of Gory Injury to Facebook

After a vicious random attack at the Rikers Island visitors' center left him with a long, gory gash on his face, 20-year-old Chard Seegars thought his suffering had reached its apex.