Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Man Slashed in the Face at Rikers Island Sues Correction Officer for Uploading Photo of Gory Injury to Facebook

After a vicious random attack at the Rikers Island visitors' center left him with a long, gory gash on his face, 20-year-old Chard Seegars thought his suffering had reached its apex.

But when he learned that one of the correction officers at Rikers had snapped a photo of his wound so he could share it on Facebook, Seegars realized "adding insult to injury" was no longer just a saying.

"The Things That Happens On The Island Smhh [shaking my head hard]," read the officer's Facebook caption.

Seegars subsequently filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court against the officer, the Department of Correction, and the city of New York for causing him "further distress and humiliation" by making him relive the incident.

The February 10th assault that left Seegar with an eight-inch cut on his right cheek required 90 stitches to close, but there were no additional details provided on the identity of the suspect.

"I was devastated," Seegars' mother Shalanda told the New York Daily News. "My son's face was split open like a pear."


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