Tuesday, March 5, 2013

‘Baby B-girl’ Schools Older Breakdancers at International Competition

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The "Baby Battle" at the annual Chelles Battle Pro breakdancing competition is mostly a platform for crews to showcase up-and-coming b-boys and b-girls who will present a threat in battles to come.

But during this past weekend's Baby Battle at the 2013 Chelles Battle Pro, six-year-old Terra of the Soul Mavericks crew slayed her much older opponent, Leelou of The Ruggeds, turning many a judges' head in the process.

"Dora the Destroyer" easily picked up the title of "best dancer of the Baby battle," and she proved herself worthy of going up against the big b-boys.

Unable to see video? CLICK HERE

Unable to see video? CLICK HERE

source: http://gawker.com

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