Saturday, January 12, 2013

Human Butt Pillows: Soineya, Japan's 'Cuddle Club,' Debuts New Service


Customers seeking some tender loving care in Tokyo now have another option to choose from at Japanese cuddle club Soineya: human butt pillows.

For $11 per minute, patrons of the "co-sleeping specialty shop" can ask for the oshiri makura (butt pillow) service and rest their heads on the behinds of its female staff, Rocket News notes.

The club opened in Tokyo's Akihabara district in September and business has been doing well enough that Soineya recently opened up another branch in Shinjuku. Customers must first pay an admission fee -- starting at 3,000 yen (around $34) -- and then have the option to purchase premium services, such as foot massages or a change of clothes.

In a video released this week on Japan's video sharing website, freelance reporterMidori Yokoyama, wearing a mask, visits Soineya's Shinjuku location -- where the new cuddle option is offered -- and tries out the human butt pillow service along with some of cuddle club's other options.

For customers who are hoping to spend a bit less at the cuddle club, Soineya also offers the option of laying in a female employee's lap, which costs $11 for three minutes.

Japan isn't the only place for where people can pay to cuddle. In Penfield, N.Y., clients of Jackie Samuel's Snuggery can pay $60 an hour for an innocent snuggle in bed.


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