Monday, February 4, 2013

Teen Arrested For Impersonating Doctor In Australia

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A 17-year-old Australian boy was arrested on Friday for impersonating a physician at several hospitals in Adelaide, where he allegedly wore fake credentials and prescribed medication.

The unidentified teen is a suspect in a string of reports from as early as October of a fake doctor walking around in area hospitals. In each of three instances, the kid was caught and thrown out, but not before he assisted a 12-year-old girl who was injured in a scooter accident, ABC News reports.

The boy was seen on all three occasions wearing scrubs, name badges and a stethoscope. He allegedly offered first aid to the general public and read patient notes.

The impersonation stunt gained the young suspect the moniker "Dr. Who" among hospital staff.

The South Australia health department plans on bolstering its hospitals' security afterthree separate facilities were breached by the suspect, according to The Adelaide Advertiser.

The teen was suspended as a volunteer at one of the hospitals in November 2011 for "inappropriate behavior," the Advertiser reports. He posted bail on Friday and will be arraigned at a youth court soon.

In another crazy case of "Catch Me If You Can," 18-year-old Matthew Scheidt was arrested in September for impersonating a physician's assistant at a Florida hospital. He allegedly dressed wounds, examined disrobed patients and even performed CPR.


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