Friday, January 25, 2013

French Haunted House Auctioned Off on eBay for Just Over $1

A listing on the French version of eBay recently went viral after being picked up by major news outlets. Apparently, someone is selling a haunted house in Arbresle, Rhône-Alpes region, for just 1 euro.

It’s true that the place doesn’t look like much, if the photos are anything to go by, but still 1 euro for a 110 square meter home and a 350 square meter piece of land is really cheap. Maud69620, the person who listed the house does have her reasons for basically giving away the house for free. According to the description on eBay, a horrible murder took place there sometime during the 1950s, and now it’s haunted by troubled spirits. Paranormal phenomena observed inside the house include knocks on windows, strange voices and murmurs, weird noises and moving objects. All that’s missing from a complete haunted house package is a ghost. But Maud is not in the mood for jokes. In fact she specifically asks those who think her listing is a fake not to contact her, as the ad is only addressed to those who believe in the spirit world.

Regarding the alleged murder that took place on the premises, the poster says the victims were a couple who owned the house at the time. The ruthless killers were a team of workers looking for some kind of treasure hidden inside. The murder was never confirmed, as the bodies were never found. The owners simply vanished without a trace, but according to the listing, their bodies were buried in a nearby field.

There’s quite a debate going on right now on French websites regarding the authenticity of the ad, but there are certainly those who wouldn't take the place even if someone paid them a fortune.


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