Monday, January 28, 2013

Three Connecticut Cops Put on ‘Desk Duty’ After Beating Stunned Suspect in Public Park

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Almost two years after beating a stunned and unresponsive suspect in a public park, three Connecticut cops were finally placed on "desk duty" yesterday after footage of the attack had been made public.

The New York Post has identified the officers as Elson Morales, Joseph Lawlor and Clive Higgins, all "10-year veterans of the police force."

Footage from the attack was uploaded to YouTube by user "Nosmo King" on January 6th and has amassed over 32,000 views.

Less than a minute long, the video begins with the victim sprawling down onto the ground, where he remains motionless. The first officer quickly catches up to him and is joined within moments by the second.

The second officer immediately begins kicking the man's prone figure. For a few seconds the camera turns away; when it refocuses on the scene the two officers are bending over the man. After straightening up, the second officer begins kicking him again and at one point lifts his foot to stomp near the man's head.

Toward the end of the video, a squad car pulls up and a third policeman jumps out. He runs over to the man and takes a running kick at his head. The video ends when another police car enters the field.

The victim has not yet been identified.


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