Monday, March 18, 2013

Salford ‘superhero’ hangs up cape after being punched in face in Manchester

A self-styled superhero that patrolled the streets of Salford, Great Manchester, has decided to hang up his suit after being punched in the face repeatedly by a group of thugs.

Roger Hayhurst, aka ‘Knight Warrior’, was a known figure in his local area and would wander the streets from 9pm to 2am a few days a week, stopping fights and other bad behaviour.

He had initially embarked on his crime-fighting journey against the wishes of his mother, who feared for his safety.

And it seems her concerns were not without merit as Mr Hayhurst’s career has been brought to a sudden halt after he was attacked when walking with his fiancée, Rebecca Wall.

‘Some lads started punching me. My face was all swollen,’ the 20-year-old said.

Salford residents now fear for the dearth of crime-fighters in their area - Knight Warrior’s other half has also decided to give up her superhero duties following the altercation.

Ms Wall, 18, was known as ‘Knight Maiden’ and also took on the forces of evil (local louts).

The duo will now concentrate on their show on Salford City Radio but the former superheroes admit they will still dust off their costumes from time to time for charity appearances.


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