Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Man Trying to Make a Point About Lax School Security Walks Into Different Sandy Hook Elementary with ‘High Powered Rifle’

It remains unclear why a Virginia man walked into the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Strasburg this morning armed with a 2 x 4 labeled "High Powered Rifle" written on it, though the Shenandoah County Sheriff's Office believes he was trying to make a point about school security — or, rather, lack thereof.

Whatever his intentions, 33-year-old Christopher Johnson was immediately approached by a school employee upon entering the school that shares its name with the one in Connecticut that was targeted by a mass murderer last Friday.

According to Sheriff's Office rep Major Scott Proctor, the school's resource officer was on the scene within seconds and Johnson was arrested for disorderly conduct.

He was booked into jail and is currently being held without bail.

Irrespective of today's incident, school safety measures had been scheduled for review in the near future.

[mug shot via MyFoxDC]

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