Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sweet wedding proposal video is literally magical

Wedding proposals captured on video can be a magical thing to behold. But I'm speaking in metaphor with that idea. When you happen to have a magician proposing to his girlfriend, the term gets a bit more literal... Go ahead and watch what happens above.

The camera work seemed to get a bit shaky when the proposal happened for some reason... Awwww, I'm just kidding, and such a total sucker for romantic moments like this one. And what a great twist to have the girlfriend of five years unknowingly film the entire proposal!

The very sweet and endearing clip was filmed and edited by David Altizer, and posted and "performed" by magician Sean Emory who proposed to his now-fiancee, Andrea. And we here at The Feed would like to wish Sean and Andrea all the best on their future nuptials, and want to thank you so much for sharing this very literal "magical moment" with all of us here at The Feed!


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