Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lazy Frog hitches a ride from a Snail

It looks like a great way to get around – as long as you don’t mind travelling at a snail’s pace.

This frog obviously was not in a rush as he hitched a free ride across a pond on the shell of a snail.

Photographer Nordin Seruyan captured the unusual pairing in his garden in central Borneo, Indonesia, after spotting the frog jump on to the snail’s back before it slowly slithered around the pond.

‘I’ve never seen behaviour like this before. I laughed when I first saw it and then quickly grabbed my camera to picture it,’ said the 37-year-old.

But it seemed the freeloading frog was not too impressed by the service provided by the snail.

‘The incident happened very fast and the aggressive frog soon took off,’ Mr Seruyan added.

Incidences of animals hitching a ride from another species are not altogether uncommon.

Last year an octopus clung to a bottlenose dolphin to avoid being eaten, while photos also showed anunusual friendship between a spider monkey and a gold macaw.

source: http://metro.co.uk

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