Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mother wakes to python wrapped around her 2-year-old daughter

Tess Guthrie, 22, of Lismore in the state’s north, was asleep with her daughter Zara in her bed when she woke at around 3:30am to find her cat on the bed hissing.

"I heard the cat hissing on the bed which is what woke me up in the first place," Ms Guthrie told Nine News.

"I thought it was a dream when I saw the python wrapped around Zara and I didn't think it was real."

The quick-thinking mother quickly tried to pull the python off her daughter by grabbing the animal's head.

”I just grabbed the head of the snake and tried to pry the animal away," said Ms Guthrie.

"Zara was still asleep during the ordeal but woke up when the snake began to bite her on the hand."

The brave girl suffered from three bites on her hand and she was taken to Lismore Base Hospital where she was discharged this morning.

"It was a terrifying experience but Zara is recovering from it well. She's extremely brave," said Ms Guthrie.

Tex's Snake Removals found the python hiding behind the bedhead and brought it back to show Zara before releasing it into the wild.

"She wasn't scared at all. In fact she was so interested in it."

It is believed that the snake may have been hiding in the house for the last two days after Ms Guthrie said her cat started displaying odd behavior.

"The cat was jumpy and was nervous. She refused to walk on the floor and at first I thought she was sick," said Ms Guthrie.

"But it all makes sense now. The cat was a lifesaver."

Ms Guthrie said the cat has since run off and has not returned home.


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