Sunday, February 10, 2013

Playmobil armed robbery toy set

Gun-toting action figures mean four year olds can act out bank robbery

Wearing dark glasses, the blonde dolly points her pistol at the smiley bank manager as he happily hands over the cash.

It’s just one of the fun blags four-year-old kids can act out in Playmobil’s Bank and Safe set – and it is getting anti-gun campaigners all fired up, the Sunday People reports.

Other scenarios include a gold bullion raid and cash machine heist.

A description on The Early Learning Centre website, which sells the toy for £34.99, says: “Watch out. The bank robber is after the money and is demanding the key to the safe - what will the bank manager do?”

However, justice is not included, you’d have to fork out £24.99 for the Police Car with Flashing Light from the City Action range to answer the bank alarm.

Playmobil says the toy, which is aimed at children between four and ten-years-old, encourages children to “imagine, invent and create”.

But anti-gun crime campaigners say the set is sending out a highly inappropriate message. Danny Bryan, chairman of Communities Against Gun and Knife Crime, said the toy was “horrendous”.

He said: “We don’t want to be encouraging young people to look at these sorts of things. I think it is horrendous that young people are given all these images to shape them.”

The group, set up in 2007, works with youths to stop them getting caught up in gun and knife crime. Danny added: “I wonder what is going on. It it is sending out the wrong message.”

This is not the first time the German company has landed in hot water.

It also raised a few eyebrows with a construction worker-themed toy including shovels, handsaws and a broom – and three crates of what looked like beer.


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