Thursday, February 7, 2013

Baby wakes dancing to Gangnam Style

I don't know what's cuter, the baby dancing or the little girl laughing hysterically.

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It is the song people love to hate but no one can deny that Gangnam Style gets everyone dancing – even babies.

This tired tot is blissfully snoozing in the back seat of her family car until the smash hit by Korean pop sensation Psy hits the radio waves.

The baby cannot resist wriggling in her car seat, flapping her arms and legs wildly as her parents and older sister look on in fits of giggles.

The little girl, identified in the viral video title as Amaya, only stop busting a move to her “favourite song” when the radio is turned down.

The 28-second clip was uploaded to YouTube on Monday where it has already been viewed more than 366,000 times.

The youngster’s dad originally posted the video on Facebook but decided to share it with a wider audience when it became a hit among friends.

The proud father wrote: “I'm having fun watching all the attention its gotten...and for me the best part about it is that my daughters got to make a lot of people smile and laugh... HOW COOL IS THAT!” (sic)

“Obviously the songs in this video aren't mine, but my daughter makes one all hers, haha!”


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