Thursday, February 28, 2013

Designer, Creates 'Forget Me Knot' Skin Ring Featuring Slice Of His Own Flesh


Sruli Recht’s Autumn/Winter 2013 menswear collection has plenty to delight and astonish: polygonal militia jackets derived from walnut wood, sweaters composed of unwound lambswool skeins, and even Trojan Horse-like veneer boots with hinged openings. No item is more surprising, however, than the Icelandic designer’s “Forget Me Knot” ring, a one-of-a-kind bauble made with a swath of flesh from Recht’s own abdomen. (See below for a video of the operation if you have the stomach for it.)

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Recht’s own digestive tract must be lined with steel. Following its removal, the designer stripped the 110-by-10-millimeter piece of skin of subcutaneous tissue and fat, salted and tanned it with alum solution, then mounted the resulting leather onto a 24-karat gold band, wiry belly hairs intact. For obvious reasons, this will be the sole edition of Recht’s design.

If you have $474,740 to spare, it can even be yours. The ring comes with a DNA certificate and a DVD “making of” documentary, complete with the surgical procedure and interviews with everyone involved.

Despite its obvious sensationalism, Recht’s stunt raises at least one question: If wearing human skin is so reprehensible, why should animal leather be regarded any differently?

Chew on that.

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