Friday, February 8, 2013

Fare dodger- Man hides in luggage rack on train

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This passenger is clearly prepared to scale new heights to dodge paying a rail fare.

He hides from two conductors by climbing into the luggage rack and lying down behind an open suitcase.

A fellow passenger filmed the prank and uploaded it to YouTube - with the James Bond soundtrack added.

The video has quickly gone viral with over 300,000 views in just a few weeks.

The man, called Daniel in the video, manages to get away with it.

Other passengers laugh as he clambers down, some even taking his picture.

At one point an elderly woman leans over to the person filming and tells them not to draw too much attention to the hideout while the conductors are there.

It is thought that the train was going through Poland.

The title of the video 'Cichociemny? nie, to tylko pasażer na gapę.' translates as 'Cichociemni? No, it’s just a stowaway'.

The Cichociemni were an elite division of the Polish Army in exile that operated in occupied Poland during the Second World War.


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