Saturday, February 23, 2013

Great job… but you spent £20k doing up the wrong flat

A home buyer spent £20,000 doing up an apartment – before learning the place he’d bought was the empty shell across the hall.

Gui Lizhong was sold flat 4-2 in a new development in Chongqing, China before the numbers were on the doors.

He only realized he had mistakenly decorated 4-1 when Long Nengyun turned up and produced paperwork showing he was the owner.

‘Why are you staying here? I bought this house in 2011,’ Mr Long reportedly said when he arrived.

The mistake may have arose after a saleswoman twice took Mr Lizhong to view the apartment.

‘I viewed the house twice before I signed the contract,’ Gui said.

‘The property agent showed me this particular unit.’

The saleswoman denied this version of events and insisted she had shown him the right property.

Any hope the unfortunate man could keep his new apartment were dashed after Mr Long refused to exchange the homes.


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