Saturday, February 2, 2013

NBC Dallas-Fort Worth Posts Incredibly Insensitive Facebook Joke About a Dead Soldier

An NBC affiliate serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area was forced to apologize today after posting a shockingly tasteless write-up of a soldier's death on their Facebook page.

"BOOops," began the post about a Fort Hood soldier who shot and killed a fellow soldier after pointing his weapon at the latter's face in an ill-fated bid to "scare away" his hiccups.

After summing up the story, KXAS proceeded to invite readers to "SHARE your best solution for getting rid of hiccups below!"

Not surprisingly, the post did not go over well with normal people.

"It's not funny to make a joke about someone's death," wrote one user. "Especially a young soldier who died because of a stupid, stupid prank."

TVSpy says the post on the station's Facebook page for 40 minutes before being replaced with a statement apologizing "for the error in judgment."

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