Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pink Lip Tattoos In Nigeria

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Earlier this month we learned that some Senegalese women were tattooing their gums black to enhance their smiles. And if that wasn't shocking enough, now comes word of another bizarre beauty procedure in Nigeria, where men are tattooing their bottom lips pink.

Batta Box TV has released a short video documenting the trend. Although the subject isn't explored in depth, we've gathered that the lightened pigmentation of the lip is more aesthetically pleasing for those who choose to spend the equivalent of 35-40 American dollars for the tattoo.

The video shows a man getting his bottom lip permanently colored a bubble gum-pink hue. Pretty extreme, especially when a lovely pink lipstick could have done the trick. We've also heard that applying a mixture of almond oil and lemon juice is also a less invasive alternative.

Although the customer doesn't seem like he's in any pain, we assume there must be some emotional discomfort that has gotten him to this point. Changing the color of your skin--even if it's just your lip--can be far more complicated self-acceptance and racial issues then just making a fashion/beauty statement. Hopefully we can learn more about this unusual trend.


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