Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Teen walks 10 miles for job interview

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - A story of a young Indianapolis man has gone viral on Facebook. It's a story of dedication, sympathy and a strong work ethic that's rare to find these days.

Papa Roux's serves some of the best Cajun cuisine Indianapolis has to offer but early Friday morning owner Art Bouvier was serving ice melt to his frozen parking lot, when a young man walked up asking how far to 10th and Sherman.

"And I'm thinking we're at 10th and Post. I said, 'Buddy that's probably six, seven miles.' I said, 'You'd be better off on a bus especially in this weather.' He just said, 'Okay, thank you.' And he kept going," said Bouvier.

Fifteen minutes later, Bouvier was driving when, in the freezing temperatures, there he was still walking.

"And I called to him. I said, 'Buddy you really do need to be on a bus to go down to 10th and Sherman today," and he says, 'Well, I don't have any money for the bus.' I said, 'Well come on, we're headed that way.'"

His name was Jhaqueil. He was unemployed, had lost his mom two years ago and had to take care of his siblings. He was on his way to a minimum-wage job interview at a thrift store. It was a ten mile walk in the snow and ice.

"You hear too many stories about people that want work, but it's got to be the right work. It's got to be glamour work; it's got to be high paying work, a management position. And then here's a kid who knows there's work available, and it's hard to get, and it's hard to do, but he'll do it," said Bouvier.

Bouvier got Jhaqueil's phone number and unknown to Jhaqueil was planning to call him and offer him a job much closer.

"He told me about it and I was just so surprised, awe struck," said Jhaqueil Reagan.

The two men are now bonded; one who took the path less traveled, and the other who's offering to make it easier.

"Thank you very much. I appreciate it," Jhaqueil said to Bouvier.

"You're very welcome. I appreciate you trudging through the snow so now you can trudge here," Bouvier responded.


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