Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Angry Man Stops Drunken Mischief At Australian McDonalds (NSFW Language)

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One of the perils of working in fast food industry is dealing with the late-night crowd.

These ladies at an Innaloo, Western Australia, McDonalds are probably perfect examples of who you don't want walking through the doors at 10 minutes to close, presumably trashed and looking for Big Macs -- or a food fight.

With a mighty battle cry of "Oy! Behave yourself!" a totally angry do-gooder rushes in to reestablish order to the scene, telling the apparently inebriated young women to "Stop acting like sluts" and clean up their mess.

His justification? He's just trying to eat his meal in peace.

He pulls one girl off the counter and reprimands the group, cursing up a storm and getting into a ridiculous argument, to the audible amusement of those filming the incident.

It's unclear from the video if there was a tidy resolution to the shouting match or if things just got uglier.

The footage was posted to YouTube March 11 and received more than 300,000 views overnight, getting picked up by British tabloid The Sun.

The Sun suggests the video, entitled "Stop Acting Like Sluts," got its name because the "Aussie girls make sexual advances towards McDonald’s staff," before the man steps in.

Cell phone justice or Internet hyperbole? Any way you cut it, it's way more silly than slutty.


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