Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chinese Official Goes Crazy & Trashes Airport After Missing Flight

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A top level government official from China who missed his flight not once but twice took his frustrations out on the boarding desk — and the entire unfortunate episode was caught on CCTV cameras.

According to authorities, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Committee member, since identified as Yan Linkun of Shizong county in Yunnan Province, arrived with his wife and two kids at Changshui airport with plenty of time, but a long breakfast caused them to miss their flight.

The airline staffers were very accommodating, and managed to put the family on another flight leaving later that day.

However, they ended up missing that flight as well after Yan apparently failed to hear flight's boarding call.

Yan demanded he be allowed to board anyway, but was denied. It was then that he became violent, tossing around computer equipment, and attempting to shatter the door to the boarding gate with a sign.

After surveillance footage of the incident went viral in China, Yan, who is also the vice chairman of the Guangdong Yunnan Mining Company, was forced to release a statement saying he was sorry for having lost his temper.

He exxplained that he was merely trying to get his kids to their school in Shenzhen.

"I failed to be a qualified political adviser as well as a good father," he said in his statement. "My irrational actions and rudeness have caused some losses to the airport as well as bad effects to the public, so I sincerely apologize to the airport and public. I am willing to compensate."

According to Global Times, Yan has been suspended from the Yunnan Mining Industry Company, and a police investigation has been launched. He is also expected to be disciplined by the Party, though the exact nature of the discipline was not disclosed.


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