Thursday, February 28, 2013

Watch daredevil ski through TOWER BLOCK- and straight out of the window!

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This skier decided that mountains were too boring... so skis through buildings instead

Some people go skiing in France, Italy, maybe Switzerland - but, as this jaw dropping video shows, Logan Imlach is no ordinary skier.

Shot in Alaska by Matt Wild, the two minute clip shows Logan skiing through an abandoned five floor tower block.

He navigates the winding staircases with ease, jumping over puddles, bouncing off walls and even skiing straight out of the windows.

"We grew up together and have been doing things like this for a long time, not to get famous or sponsored or anything like that but just to have fun," said Matt.

"For some reason we have a lot of passion about skiing and snowboarding. Being raised in Alaska it's kind of bred into you."

He added: "The video was an idea that Logan and I had a long time ago but never the ambition to put that much work into."

That was until early last year when Matt severely damaged his knee, which completely ended his snowboard season.

Matt said: "I was super anxious to just get outside and do anything so I didn't mind putting the work in and spending all my time behind the camera instead of in front of it."

Using home made camera equipment - a nine dollar cable camera set up, a Lego train track dolly and a Canon 7D - they made this extraordinary film.

"On one day we had a friend that was able to come out with a second camera and help film too and some other friends showed up to help shovel as well which took up about half of the time," said Matt.

"Last season Alaska had a record snow year and there was a lot of snow that had already blown into the building so it's not as much work as people think it was.

“We actually spent more time removing snow from areas than putting it down."


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