Monday, February 18, 2013

Oh Deer! Animals Can't Talk and Neither Should This "Author"

Below you will find a brilliantly written article by Kathleen O'Brien Wilhelm from Avon Lake, Ohio. You will notice her complete and utter distaste as to why the government wastes so much money on those yellow diamond shaped "Deer Crossing" signs. Why? Because Deer can't even read! Duh! Kathleen, they put a picture of a Deer on the sign because the Deer can't read...Yeah, and my favorite color is clear!

Researching further into this woman's journalistic career, I seriously do not know what this ladies problem is with Deer and Obama. Are they related? I don't think so. But judging by her many other articles, she cannot resist finding something negative about the two. You will certainly get a chuckle out of the following:

Animals Can't Talk

Signs that read “Deer Crossing” and the like are going to continue to pop up throughout our country including Avon Lake, but who are these signs for? Deer cannot read, do not obey the law and probably will cross where they wish. Although adorable companions, it is hard to remember the last time that the news reported an animal talking, thinking or providing significant input for the benefit of society. Yet, these signs cost taxpayers like so much of government.

Dogs, cats, whales, seals and deer are animals that might enhance a human’s life, but all cannot read, write or think. They are animals. Yes, people dress them, buy them extravagant blinge and do other strange things with them; however, animals are not human. They are on this earth like trees to make humans’ lives better. As humans we must be kind to them, eat them when hungry, feed them when they are, but remember they are here to enhance our lives. Besides, it appears that this gesture of kindness to animals does not extend human to human. This President’s Obamacare appears to welcome abortion of innocent babies. It is painful to think that there are those who cry for seals while Obamacare never blinks an eye at abortion.

Somewhere the advancement of society has been limited by animals and the unscientific malarkey of loons. America has had to halt drilling, construction, experiments for medicine and cosmetics and much that might benefit humans.

Yes, signs are important-- to humans; “Stop” signs, and others are more than just costly decorations scattered along the roadways. However, depending on the school district, most humans can read them, but animals not so much.

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Kathleen also believes that "gays" go "above and beyond" to show public displays of affection, and that they have to discuss their daily gayness with everyone around them. Really? As though "heterosexual men" do not ever objectify women all day long. Or that “straight” men do not sexually harass women or to make it so obvious to publicly ogle them as they walk by, just to clearly, and loudly, let everyone know that they want what they see. Or even that heterosexual men are applauded when they brag about how far they have gotten in their sexual conquests, especially additional praises for non-consensual “achievements”. Yeah, I never see heterosexual men do that…damn “gays”. Put them all on a island with the Deer and Obama (I'm obviously not serious, but I just want to clarify in case there were any readers as simple minded as Kathleen).

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