Sunday, March 10, 2013

Create a gummy replica of yourself

FabCafe, a 3D printed confectioner in Shibuya, Tokyo, is offering nine lucky blokes the chance to have their bodies 3D scanned and rendered in gummi, the most wondrously magical of all the edible substances.

It's in honor of White Day, the Japanese give-your-female-lover-a-present holiday on March 14 (they also did custom chocolate-lollies of one's 3D scanned head for V-Day).

These are so amazingly amazing and they point the way to a future where cheap scanners will render entire rooms as voxels to be output in gummi, wherein you can pay to be encased while you slowly, deliciously eat your way out. Coming soon to a Shibuya Love Hotel near you (maybe).

In case you don’t know, White Day is a characteristically Asian holiday held on March 14 (1 month after Valentine’s Day), where males are expected to reciprocate gifts given to them a month earlier.

Chew on this: FabCafe lets you create a gummy replica of yourself for White Day


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