Sunday, March 10, 2013

inZpast: Woman In Coma Gives Birth To Boy

1996-A woman who has been in a coma-like state since a 1985 car crash has given birth to a 2 pound 11 ounce boy conceived when she was raped in her Rochester, N.Y., nursing home.

Doctors said they believe it is the first case of someone getting pregnant and having a baby while in a chronic vegetative state.

The child, born two months prematurely, is breathing on his own and has an excellent chance of survival, said Dr. James Woods, a specialist in high-risk obstetrics whose medical team performed the natural delivery Monday at Strong Memorial Hospital.

As expected, the pregnancy had no effect on the 29-year-old mother's condition.

Acting as guardians, the woman's Roman Catholic parents rejected an abortion on religious grounds and are said to be considering raising the baby.

Their daughter was 19 when her car skidded on ice and slammed into a tree on Dec. 20, 1985. A tire resting on the back seat tipped forward violently and banged her on the head.

In late December, the nursing staff noticed her abdomen was swelling. They ruled out a digestive blockage and other possible ailments before realizing that she was 4 1/2 months pregnant.

Police said several employees, ex-employees and visitors are suspects in the rape.

Police have gathered blood samples from potential suspects to match to the baby's DNA.

The woman gave birth after just over an hour of labor. The baby was to have been delivered by Cesarean section a few weeks before reaching full term in May.


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