Monday, March 11, 2013

Meet Britain’s youngest knife-thrower, who wants to upgrade to axes

After a busy day at school most ten-year-olds go home and kick a football around or play on a games console. Edward Pinder throws knives…at his mother.

He is reckoned to be Britain’s youngest knife-thrower and he’s been doing it since he was at infants school.

At weekends lucky Erika Pinder gets them thrown at her twice a day and there’s no let-up during school holidays.

The good news for her is that Edward wants to move on to razor-sharp stars and axes soon. Or as soon as she lets him, that is.

Edward performs with the family’s circus around Britain and rehearses at their home in Bisbrooke, Rutland.

‘I’m not nervous at all, but I think my mum is a little bit,’ he said. ‘The knives are about as sharp as kitchen knives, but I’m not allowed to use those ones.

Mrs Pinder, 37, said: ‘It was really, really scary when I was waiting for him to throw his first knife at me. I had seen him practice and knew he could throw in a straight line, but my heart was jumping, I was terrified. Edward uses professional knives and they’re really sharp – they have to be to stick into the wood.

Fortunately for her his first public performance went without a hitch. ‘I was a bit nervous, but Edward was really calm and everything was fine –and the audience really enjoyed it,’ Mrs Pinder added with a loud sigh of relief.


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